Looking for some fun and creative ideas to be the best Tooth Fairy in town? Here at Austin Family Dentistry, we love to hear about our family’s Tooth Fairy stories! This timeless tradition has some parents bringing out their creativity! The Tooth Fairy can also be used as a great opportunity to talk to your child about their oral health. They think they’re having fun, but a great tooth fairy will always sneak in some lessons about keeping teeth healthy. Here are 3 Tooth Fairy Tips & Tricks we absolutely love.

1. Tooth Fairy Pillows

Tooth Fairy pillows are a sweet way to leave your little one a little something sweet! You can use a normal shaped pillow and sew on a tooth shape or hot glue a small pocket on the pillow case to hold the tooth and whatever surprise the tooth fairy may leave! Here are some easy steps to make your own Tooth Fairy Pillow.

Tooth Fairy Pillow Craft by Martha Stewart Living


2. Door Hanger Pillows

A door hanger pillow is a great idea if your child is a light sleeper. This is the perfect solution to keep the tooth in one place and eliminates the stress of possibly waking up your child. You can make your own pillow or shop locally to find the perfect one! Parenting.com has a few ideas for inspiration.


 Shark Tooth Fairy Pillow by Parenting Magazine


3. Rewards

What does the Tooth Fairy bring your little one when they lose a tooth? Many children receive money in exchange for their teeth. But keep in mind, it’s all about the memories and fun the Tooth Fairy brings. Consider an alternative reward at times—tickets to the zoo, a toy, a new book, healthy snack!

The whole team at Austin Family Dentistry is here to help if you need our assistance talking to your little ones about the tooth fairy, their oral health, or any other tooth related topics. Request an appointment today!