Do you fear the dentist? You’re not alone. For many patients, even a routine dental cleaning can be an intimidating experience. Rest assured, here at Austin Family Dentistry, your comfort comes first. If you’ve ever considered dental sedation, you’ve come to the right place. A visit to our office with an expert sedation dentist is always a positive experience!

Choosing Oral Sedation

While some patients prefer IV sedation, oral sedation has become the more popular choice to relieve dental anxiety. Most dentists will allow you to take a pill yourself the night before your sedation dental appointment. If that’s the case, you’ll want to allow yourself plenty of time to rest. Make sure not to eat or drink anything at least six hours before your appointment unless you’ve been given permission by your dentist.

Is Oral Sedation Right For You?

Not sure if oral sedation is right for you? If you’re experiencing any of these factors, you may qualify:

  • Having a feeling of extreme fear of the dentist
  • Having a strong gag reflex
  • Not being able to stay still in the dental chair because of anxiety
  • Having a high tolerance to numbing medication, like novocaine or local anesthetics
  • You’re afraid of needles and do not want to be IV sedated
  • You find yourself repeatedly cancelling dentist appointments
  • Patients who need a series of treatments performed in one visit

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from visiting the dentist. Talk to your dentist to see if oral sedation is right for you and keep these tips in mind for your next appointment so you can stay fear-free.

Your Health History Matters

Make sure to be transparent about your overall health history and let your dentist know which medications you are currently taking. Stay away from taking other depressants or consuming alcohol prior to your appointment, as it can alter the effectiveness of the medication. If you’re a smoker or a diabetic, your arrangements before or after your appointment may be affected.

Be Prepared to Take Time Off Work

Depending on how long your scheduled dental procedure takes, you will want to prepare to take at least half a day, or in some cases a whole day, off of work to fully recover from your oral sedation.

Make Transportation Arrangements

If you take oral sedation medication the night before, you’re going to feel groggy before and after the appointment. You will most likely not be cognitively aware enough to drive, so make sure you’ve made arrangements with a friend or family member to get you to and from the dentist.

Download Our FREE Oral Sedation Dentistry Checklist

If you’re looking for a family dentistry practice or a Little Rock dentist who values your peace of mind and can help you overcome your dental anxiety, please contact us today. If you’re interested in oral sedation dentistry or would like to know how you can prepare for your next appointment, check out our guide that includes:

  • A detailed explanation of oral sedation
  • Helpful tips to prepare for your next dental appointment
  • Signs and symptoms that qualify you for oral sedation