As a comprehensive family dental care practice, we’ve seen just about every issue affecting our patients over the years. Broken teeth, broken crowns, and toothaches certainly top our list, and our professional team of family dentists are usually able to resolve these common problems quickly and painlessly.

In our latest video, our family dentist, Dr. Simona Ivan, discusses a few of the most common dental problems we encounter on a regular basis and how we treat them.

When you make an appointment to come in and see us, we will first take any necessary x-rays to check for any signs of underlying infection that may not be immediately visible. We’ll want to make sure that, if necessary, the tooth can be restored either with a filling or a crown. Any reconstruction or restoration will depend upon the amount of tooth structure that is broken or missing. 

Many times, recurrent or incessant toothaches can be resolved with a simple root canal procedure. (Don’t worry – it’s much, much easier and far more painless than you probably realize!) This procedure will sometimes require a follow-up appointment, but we will always try to accommodate patients requiring a root canal in the same day that we’re able to make our diagnosis. Following your root canal procedure, we will place a crown upon the tooth to prevent it from breaking in the future. 

Most of the crowns we place in our office are made with a special 3-D machine, often within an hour. You’ll be able to go home with your “new” tooth following your root canal and be pain-free! 

If you’ve been in search of a friendly, professional, and painless dentistry practice, Austin Family Dentistry is the Little Rock family dental care practice that will help you and your family achieve those perfect smiles! Our practice offers total dental care solutions, including sedation dentistry, kids’ dental care, cosmetic dentistry, and even family orthodontics at our Maumelle office.

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