Halloween is quickly approaching and we all know that means candy and tasty treats that will be abundant for the remainder of the year. This time of year serves as a great reminder to get your kiddos scheduled for their first visit or checkup and encourage them to treat their teeth well. We’ve outlined a few important things to keep in mind for all ages with a sweet tooth.

Don’t Be a Toothless Jack-O-Lantern: Teeth Tips for Halloween

Fractured Tooth: Hard candy is of course hard on the pearly whites. Chewing on your favorite piece of hard candy can ultimately crack or chip your teeth, so avoiding those jawbreakers and replacing with soft chocolates is the way to go. If a fracture happens, rinse with warm water to reduce the risk of infection. If you have a piece of the fractured tooth, keep it and bring to our office as soon as possible. 

Don’t Double Up on Sugar: Try not to combine candy with sugary drinks that can perpetuate tooth decay. When you are reaping the rewards of the season, rinse with water and brush to help your teeth keep up with the sugar intake.

Balance with Healthy Snacks: Preparing some fun snacks in the form of veggies and fruits will curb your child’s temptation to fill up on everything they scored trick-or-treating. Same goes for adults! Before you head to your own celebrations, fill up on balanced meals and you’ll feel less inclined to reach for the candies that break your teeth.

Instill Good Habits Now: Halloween is the perfect excuse to forget your diet, but it’s also the perfect excuse to talk about the importance of oral health to your growing children. A gentle reminder to brush and floss will help them to remember how much better their teeth feel brushing post-candy gorge. Also, remember to pay attention to how they brush and ensure they are getting the proper technique.

If Halloween has you worried about the ghoulish decay that candy can inflict on you or your child’s teeth, Austin Family Dentistry is here to help! Please feel free to contact us at our Maumelle or Little Rock locations if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing your smiles, and wish you a happy Halloween season!