It’s probably no surprise that the majority of people don’t floss enough (or at all). Some people think that taking out floss and wrapping it around their finger can be too much work. But even with dental flossers, toothpicks, interdental brushes and even battery-powered or electrical flossing devices people are still not flossing as much as they should be. So if we skip out on it so much, is it really that important? YES!

When you don’t floss, you risk letting gingivitis and cavities form between your teeth. Flossing prevents dental plaque buildup and bacteria that leads to irritation in the gums that causes bleeding and inflammation. It also leads to the growth of harmful bacteria that will destroy the enamel between your teeth, consequently forming a cavity.

If left untreated, gingivitis can turn into periodontitis which is also linked to diabetes and low birth weight in newborn babies. The best way to prevent other serious side effects from occurring is to practice good dental hygiene and to visit a dentist regularly for periodic check-ups.

Failing to floss on a regular basis and remove the plaque between your teeth can turn into tartar as well, which cannot be removed with toothpaste. Since tartar is what eats away at your teeth and gum sand could eventually result in your tooth falling out.

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