Both of our dentist offices offer sedation dentistry. So, if you are someone who fears dental visits, you don’t have to worry. With sedation dentistry you will feel completely relaxed and comfortable and will experience painless dentistry.

How it works:

  • There are different methods of sedation dentistry (orally, inhaling, and through a vein). The most common is oral medication (valium). 
  • The doctor will go over your medical history and determine an appropriate dose of the sedative for you.
  • The doctor will prescribe medication for you to take the night before the procedure and you will have to have a companion drive you to and from the dental office.
  • The doctor will administer more medication for you to take orally (under the tongue) if necessary. 
  • Patient will be monitored during procedure.

It’s very simple, but yields great results. Many patients are so relaxed that they don’t even recall coming to the dentist. Watch our video below to hear specifically from Dr. Austin.

Both of our offices offer sedation dentistry, even our new dentist in Little Rock AR offers it! Let us take care of you!