Taking the time to prepare your little ones for their visits to a dentist can have a huge impact on their lifelong dental health. Consider these five essential ways to make sure kids have fun at the dentist and know what to expect.

1. Simplicity Is Key

Prepping for a first visit to the dentist should involve as few details as possible. Too much information can lead to additional questions and unnecessary anxiety over procedures that may not even be necessary.

2. Use Words Wisely

If the first words parents use in association with a dentist are “pain,” “shot” and “hurt,” kids will be frightened from the beginning. Always stay positive and reassuring, but leave it at that.

3. Leave the Kids at Home

Taking the kids to your own dentist appointment is a big mistake. Any anxiety parents experience will be obvious to a child.

4. Visit Before a Checkup

Before a first appointment, parents can pretend with their kids that they are on a visit to a checkup so they know what to expect. Keep this simple, and only count and brush their teeth.

5. Start Young

Every trip to a dentist increases exposure and helps them know what to expect. Starting young and keeping up on appointments is the best way for a child to learn this is a healthy habit they should always observe.

Although they may seem like small acts, each of these points can add up quickly. Parents should aim to implement them all to get the best results and instill a life-long habit of visiting their dentist for optimal oral health.

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