It’s National Women’s Health Week, and Dr. Chad Johnson is here to talk about a common oral health issue that affects expectant mothers regardless of trimester, pregnancy gingivitis. Watch him explain this condition in our video below, including what causes it, how we treat it, and other tips for dental care during pregnancy.

Pregnancy gingivitis is a specific type of gum condition that affects females during pregnancy. Hormonal changes affect the gum tissue, which results in bleeding and increased inflammation. While we always recommend more frequent cleanings with our hygienists to help control the situation, sometimes we’ll even offer a special type of mouth rinse as part of our treatment plan.

Plaque control methods are especially important during pregnancy because the body’s typical response to bacteria is not at its best. If not treated under the care of a dental health professional, pregnancy gingivitis can eventually lead to more significant types of gum conditions, including tooth decay and tooth erosion. Don’t forget that multivitamin supplements are critical because the baby’s teeth are also forming during this important time. 

If you’re currently pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, give us a call today to schedule an oral health examination and cleaning at our dentist office, which includes a thorough evaluation of your gums. We can help you prepare for your best oral health during pregnancy and beyond. We can be your little one’s pediatric dentist, as well! We recommend bringing children in for their first dental examination after their baby teeth erupt, around the time of their first birthday.

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