Strong bones are an essential part of overall health and wellness, and this is especially true as we all age. Osteoporosis is the result of an imbalance between the cells that build up and those that tear down, resulting in extremely fragile bones that lack density. Your teeth, like other bones in the body, are directly impacted by this disease. 

Watch Dr. Chad Johnson discuss how it can affect our dental patients in our video below!

Research has predicted that nearly half of the population reaching age 50 will be affected by some degree of osteoporosis by the year 2020. Jaw bones can be damaged, and an entire assortment of oral health issues, including periodontal disease and tooth loss, can occur alongside a diagnosis. As a result, it’s critical to know your risk factors and to speak with a dental care professional about an action plan for taking care of your teeth and jaws. The infographic below offers several eyeopening facts about this disease that affects both men and women, including risk factors and valuable statistics.

  Image Source: American Recall Center

Image Source: American Recall Center

Physicians will often prescribe medications to help combat the situation. It’s important for your dentist to be aware of any medications you may be taking to treat or prevent osteoporosis, so please let he or she know before certain procedures are performed. Women in menopause are especially prone to developing the disease. Especially in combination with various other medical conditions, osteoporosis can lead to a cascade of significant medical problems and complications. Prevention is, of course, is key. Weight bearing activities, vitamin D, and including calcium in the diet are all important. It’s also best to avoid smoking and excess alcohol consumption.

We encourage you to schedule an appointment with us so we can sit down and discuss any concerns you may have about osteoporosis and its effect on your oral health with us. If you’re looking for a dentist in Little Rock, AR that understands how your general health directly impacts your dental care, our team of family dental professionals look forward to meeting you and learning about your individual oral health concerns and needs!