About 15% of people in the United States have anxiety or experience fear when visiting the dentist. Many of these people avoid the dentist all year, only to visit in the case of an emergency. Avoiding the dentist has many hidden dangers, including cavities and tooth decay.

Because of so many patients experiencing dental anxiety, Sedation Dentistry is becoming increasingly popular. Sedation Dentistry is a practice that involves patients taking an oral sedative prescribed by the dentist that allows them to fully relax while being conscious and able to respond to questions during a procedure. It allows dentists to accomplish more during your visit in less time while the patient is comfortable and relaxed. Most patients have little to no memory of procedures that are performed while they are sedated.

With Sedation Dentistry, patients with dental anxiety can be relieved to know that their worries can be relieved and they can maintain good oral health by visiting the dentist regularly. Dr. Bryan Austin has been practicing Sedation Dentistry for about 10 years and has seen great results with the practice.

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