Unfortunately, summertime sports result in summertime sports accidents. Consequently, these accidents also result in dental or facial injuries. Austin Family Dentistry’s very own Dr. Chad Johnson is here to explain how we provide total dental care for sports injuries and what you should do in the event that an injury occurs.

Trauma to the mouth is always a possibility when kids get together to play. It’s important to wear a mouth guard, not only for contact sports but also the non-contact sports, as well. Mouth guards really help to reduce the amount of injury that can occur to the teeth. They’re relatively easy to use, and they’re a simple, relatively cheap method of protection. If something, such as minor chipping, occurs to the teeth, perhaps all we will need to do is simply smooth the teeth. However, if the teeth are knocked completely out of the mouth, then you should place them in a cup of water and call our office immediately. 

Do your part and remind your kids that it’s always cool to play it safe when playing sports! Give us a call today, and we’ll help fit you or your child for a mouth guard so you can stay on top of your game this summer.

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