When is it time to take out those wisdom teeth? Our dentist, Dr. Simona Ivan, explains this incredibly common dental procedure in our video below!

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in and around the back corners of your gums or jaws and suspect that your wisdom teeth are the culprit, you’ll want to schedule an appointment to come in and see us. We’ll take full x-rays of your mouth, which includes your wisdom teeth. We’ll want to make sure that they’re developing properly and that they’re not coming in at an angle.

If not caught early, they may erupt sideways and cause crowding, shifting, and other major issues. In fact, your other teeth could be affected, perhaps resulting in infection, swollen gums or jaws, and even decay.

The younger you are when you have your wisdom teeth removed, generally speaking, means an easier procedure, less downtime, and a speedier recovery. This is because the roots are not fully developed earlier in adolescence, as opposed to full root development as an adult.

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