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Is Teeth Whitening Really Safe?

So, is teeth whitening for you, and is it safe? Well, we’re actually asked this question a lot. Most of the time, patients aren’t afraid of a whitening procedure itself, but they are curious to know whether or not it’s dangerous.

Teeth Whitening Is Safe!

If you’ve ever used a whitening product or are currently considering one, breathe easy – it’s not dangerous. The whitening substance is something called carbamide peroxide and isn’t toxic in the least. It’s confused with a similar product that people are already familiar with – hydrogen peroxide. Though chemically similar, they’re not exactly the same. It’s not bleach, either. Carbamide peroxide is very, very safe, and it’s one of the most studied substances because so many people whiten their teeth and consumer boards want to ensure its safety. How does it work? It pulls the stains out of your teeth and simply makes them a lot whiter.

Pictured here are actual in-office whitening results from one of our patients!

You Have Options

There are several different ways to whiten your teeth, including buying strips at the store, purchasing professional strength strips or trays from a dental office, or having an in-office procedure. A fast way to whiten your teeth is to have molds made by your dentist, which will then provide a custom fit and expose your teeth to a professional strength gel. They can then be worn in the evening or at night. Another option is power bleaching, and Zoom! is the most recognizable name of them all. It, too, uses carbamide peroxide, except it’s an extremely powerful version and higher concentration. Power bleaching uses laser light to speed up the process. So, within an hour to an hour and a half, you can have your teeth whitened and walk out with a new, beautiful Hollywood smile.

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