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Tips to Help Sensitivity after Teeth Whitening

We want all our patients here at Austin Family Dentistry to be confident and proud of their smiles. One quick and easy way to improve our smiles is a whitening treatment. Teeth whitening doesn’t just revamp a smile, but research also shows white teeth improve a person’s social and professional image. So why doesn’t everyone get their teeth whitened? Well, some whitening can cause temporary teeth sensitivity. Not everyone experiences sensitivity after, but for those who do experience sensitivity, it can cause patients to feel apprehensive about whitening. So here are a couple of tips to manage teeth sensitivity:

Managing Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening

People who have naturally sensitive teeth are usually at a greater risk for post-whitening sensitivity. If you are someone who does have sensitive teeth it is a good idea to use desensitizing fluoride rinse for a couple of days prior to whitening. If sensitivity does develop post-treatment, here are a few tricks to make you more comfortable.

  • Taking over-the-counter pain medication for a few days
  • Drinking through a straw
  • Consuming foods and beverages at a tepid or lukewarm temperature
  • Avoid mouth breathing for a few days, if possible

Here at Austin Family Dentistry, we want to be as happy and healthy as possible. You can call our Maumelle or Little Rock office to set an appointment to get your teeth whitened or schedule one directly on this website.

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